The Pre-School is aimed at children aged 4-6 years who will be guided through a series of educationally stimulating experiences which will promote their intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth. The goal is to prepare these children for their future academic lives and so that they are well-adjusted and able to cope well in a wide range of environments.  Students will be developed as whole individuals in a safe and conducive environment where the child will be stimulated to learn more.

The program includes the following areas:

  1. Literacy: an increase in vocabulary and language, conversation, understanding.
  2. Math concepts: numbers, patterns and relationships, geometry and space awareness, measurement, data collection, organization and presentation.
  3. Natural Sciences: emphasizes physical objects, life, earth and the environment.
  4. Social Sciences: understanding ourselves and others, work, interactions with others, shaping, and being shaped by the environment.
  5. Arts: includes dance, music, role playing, drawing and painting.
  6. Technology: includes technological tools and the use of basic tools
  7. Process Skills: observation and exploration, experimentation, problem solving, and connections, organizing, and communication.

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