The Uniqueness of Our Curriculum

The world is changing. Good schools must have a "live" curriculum which is constantly updated. In SIS Palembang we will provide all the requirements of  the National curriculum and much more, all with a global perspective.

SIS Palembang is part of the SIS network. This means:

  1. SIS Palembang will have constant access to the research and development efforts of the Singapore International School in Jakarta.
  2. The systems, supervision and management in SIS Palembang will be similar to other SIS Schools.
  3. Students and teachers will not only be able to interact with other SIS Schools in Indonesia, but with other international schools in 9 different countries through the Beaconhouse strategic partnership.

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Jl. Letda Abdul Rozak No.1
Taksam/Chuan Ho, Palembang
Tel. (0711) 562 6778 / 426 4860, Fax. (0711) 562 6778

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