SIS Palembang Summer Holiday Activity

To fill the holiday before 2015-2016 academic year started, SIS Palembang held a joyful activity named Summer Holiday Activity. Can you guess what to do there? Was it just sleeping overnight at school? Nope, this was totally different from what I believe you’re thinking right now. There was no such thing yet it was even much more fun!

Students were offered an art class! Interesting, huh? Students from six to ten year old joined the activity. The class started since June 22nd to July 6th at school. The students came three times a week in the morning. The teachers and the instructor were there to help them.

Was the class only about drawing and coloring? Yes! Nevertheless, the media is beyond your expectation…. Drawing book? Sketchbook? They were big no! The students experienced drawing and coloring on what you’re thinking impossible to draw! The media are mug, napkin, plate, keychain, and t-shirt. Sounds strange? Yes it does, unless you know which paint to use. Hopefully in the future more fun activities like this art class will be held since the students really enjoyed the activity. Check the pictures out.

See that? A boy was drawing on a mug

Hey girls! Enjoy the mug drawing that much? Lol

Wow! Drawing on a t-shirt? It’s possible in our school…

Miss Shinta was assisting a girl to draw nice picture on her mug

Juan with the help of Miss Biru drawing on a napkin. See the turtle? Nice coloring, Juan!

Miss Dewi was helping the two boys coloring their pictures

A pretty t-shirt was on the making

Turtle, turtle, on the napkin

A pink star? Yes, you can make it, it’s your own creation!


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