Independence Day 2015. Merdeka!

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka. Along with the shout of Indonesian Independence Day, SIS Palembang held a celebration to liven up this special day of all Indonesian. The celebration was on Friday, 14 August 2015. It was not only about championship or flag raising, there was also a performance show in which students needed to perform a culture of a province in Indonesia.

The program started at 8.00 by a flag raising. Parents, staffs, students, teachers, interns were altogether on the field to participate. The difference between this flag raising and the weekly flag raising was that there was Proklamasi text read by the inspector of the ceremony, Mr. Sutrisno. The officers practiced for several times since it was a very big deal. The ceremony ran well and continued to the performance show. The performance show was held in a different place, at the Multi Purpose Hall.

The show was led by two talented students from P5, Rheiko and Maheshwari. They confidently directed the parents, students, and teachers to move based on the script they had. The opening remarks were delivered by the Head Teacher, Miss Bibie. Then a representative of UPTD delivers her speech afterwards. The time for the students’ performances was finally approaching. Nursery students stood nervously next to the stage waiting for their class to be called.

When the MCs called their name and the applause from the audiences were sounded, the Nursery students went to the stage riding a fake horse. Accompanied by their teacher, Miss Geye, they performed Kuda Lumping, a traditional dance from East Java. Next was K1 Care’s turn. Together with Miss Khiky, their teacher, they danced Ondel-Ondel, a cultural art from Jakarta. The performance was continued by K1 Care who wore a traditional crown. This class danced a modern version of Papua’s traditional dance, Sajojo. K2 Courage students brought the audiences from Papua to South Sulawesi. From South Sulawesi, the audiences came to the northern part of Sumatera Island with K2 Respect. They danced Tor-Tor, a welcome dance from North Sumatera, very well following Miss Ana who coincidentally a native from the origin place of the dance, North Sumatera. Their performance put the audiences in awe. As a transition performance from Preschool to Primary level, a special story telling by Clea was delivered. Clea was not an amateur story teller. She had won so many medals on story telling in Bahasa Indonesia, this time, she told a story about book. The story was so inspirational.

The first performer from Primary was P1A, Mr. Winarko and his students. They sang a beautiful song “Cup Mak Ilang” from the province where SIS Palembang was established, South Sumatera. P1B as the next performer made the audiences flew to the Island of God, Bali. They sang and danced “Janger”, a very cheerful song who made everyone smiled if they listened to it. P2 brought the audiences to go back to the northern region of Sumatera, Aceh. They sang Bungo Jeumpa so peacefully. The talented P3 students were waiting with their musical instruments beside the stage. When the MCs called their class, one boy sat on the chair playing his guitar, another boy sat on a couch to play the keyboard, and the rest stood up on the stage to play angklung, a traditional musical instrument original from Indonesia. Their teacher, Mr.Engelo directed them like a professional conductor to sing a nice song from his hometown, Nusa Tenggara Timur. P4 asked the audiences to come to Borneo, South Kalimantan precisely. They sang and danced a song called Ampar-Ampar Pisang. P5 flew the audiences to Maluku by singing Rasa Sayange. P6 closed the performance show by dancing a traditional dance of their teacher, Mr. Sutrisno’s hometown, Jogjakarta. They danced Suwe Ora Jawa accompanied by Mr.Engelo.

The last but not at least was the community singing by the students. They sang three songs together while waving Indonesian flag to show their love for Indonesia. The first to sing was Hari Merdeka, then Maju Tak Gentar continued, and closed by Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke song. That was how SIS Palembang showed their love to Indonesia. Merdeka!

The championship as the next program, were divided into three categories, Preschool, Lower Primary, and Upper Primary. Preschool played Marble relay race and put the face in the correct order. The lower primary and the upper primary played in the Multi Purpose Hall. All of them are a lot of fun.


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